Molly Hirschbeck

092bb5cMolly is a Kenmore native and currently a senior producer at a local news station.

When she isn’t waking up at 2 a.m. for weekday morning shows, you can likely find her in the kitchen obsessively cooking the latest recipe she’s latched on to, four to five times a week. In addition to helping Anderson Cooper solve the Malaysia plane mystery, she spends her time deciding if she’d rather date Tim Riggins or Matt Saracen, pretending that her newsroom is like HBO’s The Newsroom, and researching whether watching the Kardashians is in fact killing her brain cells or just numbing them.

You can join her on the couch in pajamas before every awards show to thoroughly analyze the dresses of nominees, and sometimes their talents.

There will be complimentary snacks offered. Just don’t touch the french onion dip. Everything else is fair game.


Follow Molly on Twitter (@ProducerMollyH)

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