Matt Newman

photoMatt currently attends Canisius College where he studies Entrepreneurship and Sports Administration. He is a passionate sports fan and follows all 5 major sports leagues. His favorite teams include the Bills and Sabres, the Boston Red Sox and the Washington Capitals. Seeing as how the odds of his own career seem to be slipping by the day, Matt hopes to work as a scout for a professional or semi-professional sports team after college.

Along with a deep interest in sports, Matt also has a great love for music. From 2011-2014 Matt ran and owned a record label and recording studio in Downtown Buffalo. Matt’s label specialized in Hip-Hop and was very active in the Buffalo community.

Lastly, Matt is an avid video game fan and a firm supporter of all things Netflix. Some say he is a nerd and that he watches too much, but Matt simply thinks otherwise. If you’re looking to contact Matt, don’t. He’s probably too busy binge watching the fifth season of How I Met Your Mother.


Follow Matt on Twitter (@dr_Jan_Itor716)

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