Dan Hannon

Dan was born and raised in Kenmore, NY, and is currently a senior at SUNY Cortland finishing up his undergrad in physical education. He is a die-hard Bills, Sabres, and Mets fan, while also jumping on and off the Knicks bandwagon (he is currently off).

At Cortland he is known for a few things, including taking intramural sports way too serious, wearing 90’s Bills apparel at bars, and co-hosting SUNY Cortland’s #1 Sports radio show, “Buckets’ and Dan’s Sportsland.” Dan is in his 3rd year co-hosting the with his partner in crime Billy “Buckets” O’Hare. They talk about all things sports, while focusing on Buffalo related material, and have a weekly Cortland athlete in studio to reach out to their local fan base. WGR 550 personalities Howard Simon, Matthew Coller, and Sal Cappacio have all been special guests, as well as former Sabres head coach Lindy Ruff.

Some of Dan’s interests include America, dive bars, and the song Timber. He hates getting hit in the shin, and thinks the 2003 Kansas City Chiefs offensive line is one of the greatest things in sports history (seriously, go look them up, they’re unbelievable).

As a sports fan lucky enough to share his opinions on this site, he would love for you to leave comments on his work because he loves nothing more than talking sports.


Follow Dan on Twitter (@Dan_WSUC)

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