CJ Brunner

Brunner_CJCJ, a Buffalo native, is a retired athlete-student from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a current graduate nerd at the University of Rochester majoring in Netflix Studies. His professional history up until this point includes a wide array of jobs from head ceramic sanitation engineer at Panera Bread to bartender on an Erie Canal cruise ship. All of these experiences have landed him a position in banking down in another great rust-belt city, Cleveland, Ohio starting in July. CJ is very confident that word of his arrival to Drew Carey’s birthplace will be more than enough to spark a blockbuster trade in the NBA that will bring LeBron back in exchange for Matthew Dellavedova and a six pack of Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA.

Now that his competitive athletic career has come to an end, CJ spends a great deal of time berating underpaid intramural refs (mostly freshmen girls) and seeking out any small, local 5k that he can be certain of winning without much effort (anything for a free t-shirt). In the summer months, you can find him on a cheap public golf course. He will be the one flagging down the refreshment cart girl every few holes in a futile attempt to get her phone number.

CJ greatly enjoys following the obscure sport of professional track and field and will surely contribute many articles regarding runners that you probably have never heard about and probably never will. As far as more mainstream sports go, he supports the Bills, Sabres and the Hull City Tigers. His favorite athlete of all time is Tiger Woods (mainly before he crashed his Escalade, when he was still using his wood frequently, both on and off the golf course).

If you like what he has to say or would like to public criticize him on social media, you should throw him a follow on Twitter (@CJBrunner17). He is always good for about one funny tweet per month.

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