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The Butter Lamb FF 2014-15: Midseason Assessment

(Photo Courtesy of Andy Lyons/Getty Images) The Butter Lamb’s first annual 14-team fantasy football league is in full swing with eight weeks played. With only five more regular season matchups to go, each owner has critical decisions to make to…

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The Butter Lamb FF 2014-15: Week Three Recap

(Photo Courtesy of USATSI) Now that the Butter Lamb season is roughly a quarter of the way through, it’s time for some recap action from the most opinionated and least informed Butter Lamb contributor.

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The Butter Lamb FF 2014-15: Week Two Recap

(Photo Courtesy of NBC San Diego) Well, we’re two weeks into fantasy football and I’m sure the excuses are already flying like Bald Eagles with the American flag in their mouths. Usually these complaints range from “my best player was…

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The Butter Lamb FF 2014-15: Week One Recap

(Photo Courtesy of Growing Gibsons) L’Carpetron Dookmariot (Zac Hirschbeck) 84 Team Hannon (Dan Hannon) 82 After I stumbled out of the gates with a less-than-stellar performance from the concussed Eddie Lacy, I rallied late with a solid performance from Colts…

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The Butter Lamb 2014-15 FF: Recapping the Draft

(Photo Courtesy of Chat Sports) This past Monday, The Butter Lamb’s fantasy football league kicked off its inaugural season with a Labor Day draft. After ignoring their friends, family, and all other meaning in life for two hours of drafting,…

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