In Memoriam: “The Mooch”

(Photo Courtesy of Alex Brandon/AP)

Anthony Scaramucci was many things to many different people. To his now-former boss Donald Trump, he was a loyal soldier who grew too famous for his own good. To his wife, he was a poor husband whose “naked political ambition” led her to file for divorce. To his newborn son, he was a delinquent father who couldn’t be bothered to be there for his child’s birth. But to the American people, he was a hero.

For 11 blissful days, The Mooch treated us to some of the greatest comedic moments we’ve seen from this administration. As the incoming Communications Director, one of his primary responsibilities was to control White House messaging and generate favorable coverage of the beleaguered Trump administration. In that spirit, I’d like to honor The Mooch in the most fitting way possible: through a collection of some of the best headlines to summarize his tenure.


“Anthony Scaramucci Might Be Trump’s Trumpiest Hire Yet”

“Sean Spicer Resigns Over Hiring of Loudmouth Wall Street Creep to Be His Boss”

“New White House coms director cites Joe Paterno about honor”

“Scaramucci: Trump still doesn’t accept intelligence conclusion on Russia”

“Scaramucci’s hedge fund sale to Chinese firm could pose a conflict of interest”

“Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci Follows Gay Porn Star Blake Mitchell on Twitter”

“Scaramucci calls Priebus ‘paranoid schizophrenic’ and says Bannon sucks … Bannon”

“Scaramucci on Nasty Interview: I Thought I Was Off the Record”

“Mooch Wins: President Trump Fires Chief of Staff Reince Priebus”

“Scaramucci’s fed-up wife filed for divorce while nine months pregnant”

“Anthony Scaramucci congratulated his estranged wife on the birth of their child by text message”

“The Mooch Is Loose (From His New Job)”


Farewell, Mooch.

We’ll miss you.


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