C’mon, Get Over It

(Photo Courtesy of Business Insider)

“C’mon, get over it.”

If I had a dollar for every Trump supporter who rattled off that phrase, I’d be heading to Hawaii for Election Day, with Mai Tai’s in each hand. When not busy claiming that we need to make an already great America great again, it seems this sentiment has become the default slogan of the campaign. 

And for good reason. I don’t know why Donald’s attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel, questioning his ability to be impartial and calling him “Mexican” despite his birth in the U.S, is deemed racist. Y’all are just trying to drum up unwarranted anger over his unfiltered honesty, which is just plain refreshing, right? In his own words, get over it. 

And yes, Trump might have said those things on that-tape-that-shall-not-be-referenced, but all men talk that way when they aren’t in the presence of uptight women. Remember those attention-seeking women who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by him? “I think those women need to grow a set, personally. You know, it’s been a lot of years. Get over it.” 

Oh and that noose that homeowner in Erie County had on his front lawn next to five full size Trump/Pence signs? It represents how broken our country is YOU GUYS, it’s not a reflection of the KKK’s endorsement of Donald. Wait, what’s that? African Americans might be offended? He had no idea that was a thing, and the fact that you all now suggest he’s racist is more evidence of liberal America mandating political correctness. Get over it.

It’s the common theme that has become all too acceptable. 

Except the thing is, I can’t get over it this election. I won’t.

If I get over it, and I shake my head and claim politics as usual, I’m validating everything he’s said. I’m sending a message to my future daughter that it’s ok if our President looks at you as if you’re a trophy to be won, and that you should be flattered if he wants to put his hands in places they don’t belong. 

I won’t.

If I get over it, I’m encouraging the ignorant folks who still refer to “the blacks” as just that to keep doing so, and better yet, encouraging them to view them as one group, under God, indivisible and living only in ghettos, poverty, and violence. I’m reaffirming that only a rich white man, a billionaire who has been accused of discrimination in the workplace and breaking federal law, only HE can “fix” you.

I won’t. 

If I get over it, I’m telling the little boy battling a chronic disease from a wheelchair that our President will make fun of you for the involuntary movements that your illness forces upon you, despite your best efforts to suppress them so as not to be viewed as different. If I get over it, I’m saying you ARE different, and I’m going to make sure everyone in this room knows it and laughs at your expense because of it.

I won’t. 

Here’s the part where you tell me you’re not crazy about Hillary, that she’s a dishonest criminal looking to put another notch her in career politician persona. She’s disingenuous. She’s calculating. She’s a manipulator at her core – a dangerous, careless liar who doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

And here’s the part where I say: I feel you. I promise I won’t use this paragraph to climb up on my soapbox, all jazzed up and tingly as I lecture you on why Hillary is the best thing to happen to America and everything our founding fathers hoped it would be. I feel your pain as you look back and forth between both candidates this election cycle and say to yourself, “I don’t want either.”

But as an American, I feel much more pain for those who would no longer be welcomed in Donald Trump’s America. Through Donald Trump’s eyes, Our Country is Only Great Again if we subtract the women, Muslims, Latinos, immigrants, African Americans, LGBT, and people with disabilities from the equation. Our County is Only Great Again if we forget how to listen and steamroll anyone who questions our judgment or ethics. 

Michelle Obama said it best: I want a President who will teach our children that everyone in this country matters.

I’m not over it, and that’s why I will vote.

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