Game of Thrones S6 E4 Recap: YA BURNT!

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Three “television enthusiasts,” the dynamic brother-sister duo of Marci and Rusty Buehler and Zac Hirschbeck, watch Game of Thrones each Sunday night and exchange their thoughts on the show’s happenings.

Zac: One week after our favorite HBO series (no disrespect intended to Veep or Silicon Valley) slowed the pace of Season Six to a crawl, Game of Thrones rose to its feet to add another incredible episode to its growing history. While this week’s installment still mostly served as a set-up episode for future conflict, I greatly enjoyed most (not Ramsay Bolton’s regularly scheduled terribleness) of what happened this week.

I think we have to start with Daenerys right? If I remember correctly, all three of us were hoping and predicting that the Mother of Dragons would escape her Dothraki imprisonment this week, and did she ever do so in style. Following a very brief reconciliation with her loyal tag team of Jorah and Daario, the Queen of Meereen hatched quite the plan for the men who were threatening her destiny in Westeros. As they gathered together and crudely debated her fate, Daenerys, with her swagger turned all the way up, defied the sitting Khal and burned that whole temple straight to the ground. As she calmly strode her way out of the flames to stand in front of the awaiting Dothraki people, it felt as though the show’s leading female protagonist had rediscovered herself after a lengthy spell of irrelevance. While the emergence from the fire sans clothing wasn’t at all a wholly original scene, I can’t say that it made it any less enjoyable for me.

Where do you guys think that the Breaker of Chains goes from here? With an army of 100,000 Dothraki soldiers seemingly at her disposal, will Daenerys return to Tyrion in Meereen and attempt to sort out the mess that is Slaver’s Bay? Or will she move on to bigger and better things like the Iron Throne? Whatever she decides, it seems Daenerys is back on track. Now go get your dragons back!!!

Aside from Daenerys’ re-arrival, this week’s episode featured a trio of reunited siblings. While it was good to see Theon return to the Iron Islands with the intention of aiding his sister Yara, and it was largely a bummer to see a broken Loras plead with his sister Margaery, my favorite moment of the episode was Sansa and Jon embracing one another. After five seasons of misery for the Stark offspring, it was great to see the long-lost siblings cross paths once again. Unfortunately, their catching up and remembrances of their far happier childhoods proved to be short-lived. After initially resisting the idea of engaging in yet another battle, the (former?) Lord Commander became far more agreeable after receiving a beautifully worded letter from The Bastard of Bolton.

Much like Daenerys, Jon now has definitive purpose moving forward. With Sansa, his Night’s Watch and Wildling allies, Brienne, Littlefinger and the potential assistance of other Houses in the North, I feel pretty good about Jon’s chances when it comes to re-taking Winterfell. In saying that, I also feel pretty good about Ramsay finally meeting his demise this season. Which would certainly be a welcome plot development.

I’ve already talked quite a bit and yet there is so much more to talk about!

What did you guys make of Episode 4? Did you enjoy Daenerys’ walk through the flames? Were you also near tears when Jon and Sansa first saw one another again? And what else stood out for you in this week’s episode?


Marci: WOOooooOOOOO WEE! That Daenerys certainly has a flair for the dramatic, AM I RIGHT? If she ever decides to leave Westeros, she should have her own Las Vegas show – I think with her combination of showmanship, pyrotechnics and boobs she would command quite an audience! Also, how awkward was it that Daario and Jorah had to kneel next to each other when they both clearly had HUGE boners going on? Honestly, they didn’t even have to kneel probably, cause their 3rd legs were probably propping them up.

In other news, I think I was just as excited as you were to watch the Jon/Sansa reunion. When the gates to Castle Black opened and Sansa was revealed, I literally pumped my fist in the air and said “YES!” I was far more excited for this moment than when Jon Snow came back to life, because I was sort of expecting that moment to happen more than this. We’ve been waiting SO LONG for the Stark kiddos to find each other again, so it was a cool scene to watch.

I’m also glad that they’ve decided to march on Winterfell and try to usurp Ramsay and his tyranny from their rightful home.

Other things that made me happy from this storyline:

  • Tormund the Wilding trying to flirt with a very confused Brienne of Tarth
  • Sansa apologizing to Jon for being such a bratty little witch (Remember her in season 1? She’s come a long way!)
  • Everything about it.

Very excited to watch this play out, and hopefully be witness to Ramsay’s horrible death. I hope Sansa gets to kill him.

Speaking of Ramsay, I was REALLY hoping that Osha was going to succeed in shanking him with that apple knife but I should have known better. Poor Osha, what a way to go. Let’s hope that her protection of Rickon was not in vain, and that he lives to see Jon Snow march upon Winterfell.

In other news, more setup happened in Meereen, where Tyrion essentially makes a deal with the slavers to try and stop them from funding the Sons of the Harpy. This makes Missandei and Grey Worm uncomfortable, because they are a couple of prudes who hate everything, but I also see where they’re coming from. I’m not sure if Tyrion is taking the best course of action here – Dany isn’t going to be a happy camper when she returns.

And, surprisingly enough, I enjoyed seeing my man Littlefinger again! He returns to Lord Robin, who has taken up archery since he can’t suck milk out of his mother’s teats anymore. Littlefinger convinces the young Lord to support Sansa Stark – which will be helpful as she marches on Winterfell. Things are looking up!

What’d you guys think of the latest happenings in King’s Landing? Rusty, what did you enjoy from this week’s episode?


Rusty: I agree that this was a pretty enjoyable episode, with a huge kicker at the end when Dany emerged from the flames! Hopefully this will accelerate her push west, although they still don’t have a proper fleet to get them across the ocean – if you recall, all of her ships were burned at the docks in Meereen. There’s something nice about revisiting the Dothraki, it evokes some major callbacks to the first season. But, what I like the most about this story is how the Dothraki subtitles work. Everything sounds poetic when it’s put through Westeros Google Translate, doesn’t it? Even peeing sounds a little elevated when it’s simplified into Dothraki. “Excuse me, I’ve kicked back a few too many beers, so I’m gonna go make water now.”

It felt things were escalating all across the Seven Kingdoms, no? Dany’s pocketed her Dothrakis… Sansa and Snow march to Castle Black, with Littlefinger on the unknown assist… and everything is also coming to a head in King’s Landing! Jamie and Cersei have successfully chess-matched into a prescient takeover of the High Sparrow and his faith militants. It seemed like such a ‘gotcha’ moment to me when they basically convinced Tommen’s Hand to not take any action if the faith militants are attacked. I’ve had enough of the High Sparrow’s lectures! Enough talk, let’s unleash the Zombie Mountain on these crazy monks! Also, good on Margaery to deal with the High Sparrow’s stories and give Loras the pep talk he needed to get by. Olenna Tyrell is doing everything she can to get her grandkiddies out of harm’s way…. but I predict Loras isn’t gonna make it out of this predicament. Finn Jones, who plays Loras, has just booked the lead in Netflix’s Iron Fist series, so I’m not sure how available he’ll be to bang dudes on the DL in King’s Landing while fighting crime in the Marvel Universe. We’ll see!

Meanwhile, the Iron Islands are gearing up for a kingsmoot. A quick visit to a GoT wiki tells you that a kingsmoot is basically like an Iowa caucus. All of the sea captains gather in the gym at Iron Islands Elementary School, and no one leaves until they all agree on a king.. Or QUEEN? Will Yara gain favor and win? Theon is adopting a very ‘Bernie or nothing’ policy. While this strategy may not help him in our upcoming election (#Imwithher…. COME AT ME), if he shows up to the kingsmoot with all his talking points in a row he could sway the room to crown Yara. However, Euron Greyjoy (who threw his brother Balon off that bridge a couple episodes ago) got no screen time this week but I bet you he shows up next week. Also, the Iron Islands are so cold and gray… I’m imagining it to be a way, way more depressing Seattle.

What are you two looking forward to next week?  Marci, I share your anticipation to learn more about the budding relationship between Tormund and Brienne! I guess all the time spent with Wun Wun has influenced Tormund’s preferences towards a more statuesque woman. I bet he would climb her like a tree! The scenes from next week also appear to give us a check in on the Night’s King. I’m looking forward to that so we have a barometer as to when his army of the undead will reach the wall. Once everyone has moved across Westeros to their respective battles, this season is going to get C-R-A-Z-Y!


Zac: King’s Landing certainly will be interesting in the weeks to come. Despite the well-documented lacking character of Cersei, it was somewhat comforting to see her back manipulating the power players that surround the Iron Throne. It really is telling how indifferent I am toward the Sparrows when I’m hoping that the Lannisters regain their stronghold in the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. While the assistance of the Tyrell army makes more sense to remove the Sparrows, I am hoping that we still see the rebooted version of The Mountain take out at least a handful of the religious zealots. Much like his supervisors, I still can’t entirely feel good about rooting for Ser Gregor due to his many horrifying backstories and his removal of Prince Oberyn (Never Forget!) from the world. However, much like watching Wun Wun dispatch pesky White Walkers or traitorous members of the Knight’s Watch, there is something so easily enjoyable when huge beings take on those significantly smaller in stature.

As far as the Iron Islands, much like the weather, the plot remains pretty depressing and dreary to me. The newly introduced Euron is very clearly going to become the new King of the Iron Islands. Everything that I’ve read about Euron suggests that his ascension to the watery throne will be good for entertainment purposes. However, Yara and Theon are pretty sympathetic characters at this point, and being a sympathetic character on this show doesn’t really bode well for one’s individual prosperity. Perhaps I’m wrong about Euron, but why introduce him in such dramatic fashion only to have him lose the election a few episodes later?

Based on next week’s trailer we will see…

  1. A Sansa and Littlefinger Reunion

Their interactions always prove to be so creepy, but with Jon in the picture it’s hard to imagine Pete putting the moves on her for the 17th time. However, Littlefinger at Castle Black would likely mean that he’s swiftly providing the Lord Commander with reinforcements for his impending battle with House Bolton. So there’s that!

  1. The Return of Arya

After a week off, we will see where Arya now stands in her training to be a faceless assassin. Regaining her eyesight was a step in the right direction, so hopefully Arya graduates from her training within the next few episodes.

  1. The Iron Islands Election

Yara is running!

  1. A New Consultant to Varys and Tyrion

Varys looks frightened!

  1. Bran and the Night’s King

WOO! You know how I love a good White Walker appearance. While it appears that their appearance will come in the form of a Raven-induced daydream, I’m still excited to see them.

Speaking of Bran, my only other hope for this coming week is that we see more flashbacks that include his father Ned. Plus R+L=J needs to happen. Though I wonder if they will save that revelation for later in the season.

Until next week!


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