The Top Ten Entrances in WWE History

(Photo Courtesy of The Void)

One of the most exciting moments in wrestling is the pre-match entrance. There is something about seeing your favorite wrestler making their way to the ring that can give you goose bumps. The music that causes an instant pop from the crowd, the lighting, the smoke, the pyrotechnics; they all play critical roles in making an entrance exciting and memorable.

Before I count down my ten favorite entrances in WWE history, here are several names that just missed the cut.

Honorable Mentions

Mr. Kennedy

His entrance, along with his own personal introduction was fantastic. Unfortunately it could not mask how unskilled he was in the ring.


The guy was perched in the rafters of arenas. Watching his descent with a baseball bat in hand, then proceeding to beat everyone in the ring with it was pure entertainment.

Shawn Michaels

The man wrote and recorded his own theme song. Need I say more? Add in the edgy attitude and gestures he made on his way to the ring and you had a great entrance.

Rey Mysterio

His original entrance in the WWE was awesome. He was launched from a platform onto the ramp, which was fitting for his high-flying style in the ring.

Al Snow

Words really can’t describe it. You simply have to see it to believe it.


His persona was what made him interesting. The entrance was so over the top, you just had to watch.


And the last name to just miss cracking my top ten….

Kurt Angle

The only Olympic gold medalist to ever wrestle in the WWE. He was a guy that you loved to hate. His entrance was golden because his music was perfect for the chant that followed.


10. Chris Jericho

His debut was wrestling entrance perfection. After coming over to the WWE from WCW in the middle of the Monday Night Wars, he made his entrance must see television. He blended the Y2K countdown clock, which had everyone curious, into his own personal countdown for his debut. The countdown ended right in the middle of The Rock’s promo at the time. To interrupt the biggest name in the industry at the time, what better way to enter? Ultimately, he did not live up to the hype right away, but he would go on to become the first ever Undisputed Champion in WWE history.


9. Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Texas Rattle Snake made his way to the ring and everyone knew he was going to open up a can of whoop-ass. The man was the face of the Attitude Era. Hearing that glass shatter made thousands rise to their feet. This is one of the most iconic wrestlers as well as entrances. His persona was not all an act. A lot of his frustrations stemmed from not being utilized properly. Once he was able to let out that emotion into his character, he became one of the most popular wrestlers of all time.


8. The Rock

The People’s Champion has solidified himself as the greatest trash talker to have ever entered a squared circle. His original debut was not a total success. He was originally branded as Rocky Maivia, which paid homage to both his grandfather and father who wrestled in the WWE. He was branded as a clean-cut baby face, but that is not what fans wanted. Once he was able to let out his real personality, he became The Rock. What makes his entrance great is that he can return at any time and make millions…AND MILLIONS of The Rock’s fans jump out of their seats.


7. Sandman

What is better than pounding a six-pack to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” before entering the ring? He may not have been a great wrestler, but his entrance made him legendary. In fact, the man was a horrendous wrestler, but he makes this list from a pure entertainment standpoint. He smoked a cigarette while chugging beer before every match. I mean every match. He then proceeded to smash a beer can over his head. He personified the extreme style of the ECW.


6. D-Generation X

Are you ready? Hearing those three words as the lights went green made a crowd go insane. The addition of the DX Army angle made them even more exciting when entering. Not only was it a great entrance, but it had two of the biggest names in the industry at the helm, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Put those two together and they were destined for greatness. This could go down as one of the greatest factions in the WWE. They were critical contributors within the Attitude Era and during the Monday Night Wars with WCW. They kept WWE on the map with their edgy, borderline material that they brought to the television screen on a weekly basis.


5. Triple H

He made spitting water a cool thing to do. The Game has always had a tough persona, but seeing his intensity before a match is what makes him the King of Kings. However, he did not start off this way. He originally was branded as a few different characters, all of which did not go over well, before becoming the Triple H we know today. The Monday Night Wars allowed rosters to bring in their own personalities into the ring. Once Triple H started being himself, he was an instant success, which aided in the formation of D-Generation X.


4. Goldberg

His matches were always around 1-2 minutes, but his undefeated streak is what made him a star. WCW knew the he could not wrestle for 40 minutes like other big names, but they used that to their advantage. They inflated the number of wins he had, but the fact remained that he was undefeated. The “Who’s Next” slogan started to add to his persona as an unstoppable force. For his entrance, the camera followed Goldberg through the arena as he made his way to the ramp escorted by security had never been seen before. He then stood in the middle of the pyrotechnics and breathed in the smoke. If that’s not badass I don’t know what is. Top that off with an endless “GOLDBERG” chant and you have an awesome entrance.


3. The Brood

This is one of the most original entrances of all time. The rising platform surrounded in fire was perfect for their vampire persona, plus their music was absolutely awesome. This faction, consisting of Gangrel, Edge, and Christian was great entertainment. They were known for having the arena go dark and as the lights came back on, they had given a “blood bath” (pouring “blood” all over them) to an unsuspecting wrestler. This is where Edge & Christian really got their push. The rest is history, and they would go down as one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Hearing their song hit the speakers as the arena went dark was an instant adrenaline rush.


2. New Age Outlaws

Oh you didn’t know? That’s right the New Age Outlawz are at the number two spot for their pure creativity in getting a crowd fired up. The Road Dogg was the voice and Badd Ass Billy Gunn was the technical expert in the ring. Together they were one hell of a tag team. Originally, they were two singles wrestlers who were not really over with the crowd. Their characters were just not as entertaining as the rest of the Attitude Era roster. However, once they were meshed and were able to put their personalities together, they became a great tag team and had a lot of success. Their pre match ritual speech before a match is what makes their entrance one of the most entertaining of all time.


1. The Undertaker

The number one spot without question belongs to The Undertaker. His entrance is one of the most amazing sights in wrestling. If you have never seen it, I promise you it will give you chills. He is one of the greatest performers of all time, and his entrance fits that reputation. If you have never watched a match of his, I would recommend it, because he has never disappointed in a ring. The Phenom always lived up to the hype. His undefeated streak at WrestleMania is something that will never be matched. He was not a specialist on the microphone, but he never had to be, because his performance in the ring could speak for itself. Once you hear that infamous gong, you know who’s there.

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