8 World Cup Commercials That Will Make You Laugh, Cheer, and Cry

This is SportsCenter with Michael Bradley – ESPN

This funny little spot features everyone’s favorite bald-headed middy from Team USA. Just like every other great commercial for SportsCenter, it’s quirky, silly and fun.



The Game Before The Game – Beats by Dre

This one’s a bit longer; it almost plays like a miniature documentary film, showing how different athletes get ready to play in big games. It builds slowly and dramatically, ultimately paying off in exciting fashion. This spot makes ME wanna throw on a Team USA kit and get out there on the pitch. Except that would be bad news for our country’s chances…I guess I’ll just cheer from home.





Another spot from the network with the rights to broadcast all the World Cup games in 2014. It focuses on the American fans and it gives me chills when I watch. Except it’s pretty unfortunate that they finished the edit with Landon Donovan in there…but still a great ad.




Because Fútbol – Hyundai

Here’s a funny one – I won’t give the joke away, but I will say that I know people who have tried to do what this man is attempting – and it is no small feat in this day and age.




World Cup Promo Part 1 – BBC

This one is whimsical and fun. It lacks the emotion of a lot of the others, but it’s cute. See for yourself!




Trick Shots – McDonald’s

McDonald’s embraces the brand awareness spot by not including anything at all about their food or brand in this ad. The soundtrack to this one is awesome, and the trick shots are insane. Makes you wonder if they are all real, but you’d think that they HAVE to be…right?! Right?!!?




Winner Stays – Nike

You knew this one was coming – Nike’s (always epic) World Cup spot for 2014. Featuring some of the world’s greatest soccer talent, Nike cleats that aren’t even released yet, and lots of soccer. I’ve got to say, I kind of prefer the Beats by Dre ad…but this one is still really memorable.




Global Issues – ESPN

One more from ESPN. Short and fun. Who would have thought something titled Global Issues would be fun to watch? Glad this one proved me wrong. Have a look here.



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