Finding the Franchise: Where the Bills Need to Pick Come April

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There are a lot of different philosophies for the NFL Draft when it comes to quarterback-needy teams like the Buffalo Bills. Some want them to trade up for one of the top quarterback prospects, be it Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, or Josh Allen. Others think they should stand pat and pick whatever quarterback falls to their 12th or 22nd overall pick, be it Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph. Still others think they should use their plethora of high draft picks to fill their other holes and take a flier on a day-two or day-three prospect like Luke Falk or Kyle Lauletta.

While I’ve watched all of them play, I won’t pretend to be an expert on any of them. I can’t tell you which one of these prospects is going to be a star. However, using historical data, I can tell you where a team needs to pick a quarterback in order to have a good chance of finding the face of their franchise for years to come.

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A Fine First Day

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Growing up as young Bills fan, the first day of NFL free agency always started with optimism. After yet another playoff-less lesson, I hoped that the Bills would identify the player that would fix Buffalo’s existing flaws, or at the very least, help solve some of the issues that plagued the team previously. Generally, that excitement would eventually be replaced by regret.

After the “official” start to free agency yesterday yielded a few noteworthy additions to the Bills’ roster, that regret may certainly come at some point. Through a cynical and skeptical lens, Buffalo added yet another former Carolina Panther whose true value is difficult to determine, a pass rusher who missed all of last season with two torn knee ligaments (and was also suspended four games for a PED violation), and a quarterback with little experience who backed up a mediocre (albeit heroic) signal caller in Cincinnati.

While these viewpoints certainly do have some merit, I find myself far more optimistic about Buffalo’s moves. Perhaps that’s my lifelong naivety speaking, but these moves simply feel smarter than those made in years past. Bills general manger Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott have seemingly identified low-risk (both contractually and in terms of talent) players that will provide the team with meaningful contributions both on and off the field.

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Land of Hope, Dreams, and Laughable Contracts: Part Two

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Following part one of The Butter Lamb’s free agency wish list, four more contributors weigh in with their ideal additions to the Buffalo Bills’ current roster. 

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Land of Hope, Dreams, and Laughable Contracts: Part One

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With the official start of free agency just hours away, several of The Butter Lamb’s finest contributors offer up the one player that they would love, more than any other, for the Buffalo Bills to add to their roster. 

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NBA Q&J: Best in the West

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The Butter Lamb catches up with its resident NBA pundit Jim Doyle. In a two-part series, Doyle answers five questions regarding all the ongoing happenings in both the Western and Eastern Conference. Today, we start with the West (and Jim’s beloved San Antonio Spurs). 

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Burning the Bridge

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Although it’s fair to say that few Bills fans expected Tyrod Taylor to line up under center with Buffalo’s first-string offense this coming season, the way he departed Western New York had to come as a surprise to most. Despite being less than a week away from Taylor’s likely release, Bills general manager Brandon Beane found a trade partner for his 28-year-old quarterback. Minutes after they acquired wide receiver Jarvis Landry for a pair of mid-round picks, the Cleveland Browns shipped a third-round pick (No. 65) to the Bills for Taylor. His abrupt departure leaves behind mixed emotions.

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Premier League Check-In: Preparing for the Stretch Run

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After a long layoff, Sean Coots and Zac Hirschbeck tackle (with their studs showing) all the latest happenings in the Premier League. Their discussion includes their admiration for City’s record-setting campaign, the races at both ends of the table, their predictions for the year-end awards, and their thoughts on the upcoming Champions League fixtures.

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The 2018 Academy Awards Recap

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The 90th annual Academy Awards ceremony was the least-watched telecast in Oscars history, but do you know which suckers tuned in? The Butter Lamb correspondents Marci Buehler and Zac Hirschbeck, plus special guest Craig Jorczak (host of “The Oscar Should Have Gone To” podcast). Here’s what they thought of Tinseltown’s biggest night of the year.

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Hope Amid the Heartbreak

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Squint your eyes and look closely at the space just beneath the scoreboard at Key Bank Center and you’ll discover there is a sleek, franchise-altering apparition hovering just above the ice these days. The apparition’s first name is Rasmus, last name is Dahlin, and the mere thought that he could morph from a mirage into a hockey player wearing a  Buffalo Sabres uniform next season gets me hopping aboard the Hope Train for one (hopefully) last ride.

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TBL NFL Super Bowl Picks

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The Super Bowl is upon us.

In a shocking turn of events, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have finagled their way into yet another battle for the sport’s ultimate prize. On the other side, an improbable stretch of competence from Nick Foles, coupled with a fearsome Jim Schwartz-coached defense, has led the Eagles of Philadelphia back to the ‘ship for the first time since Donovan McNabb blew chunks (literally) all over Alltel Stadium in 2005.

If you’re a football fan, you’ve likely heard a prediction or two for Sunday’s game. You might even have a prediction of your own. Unfortunately, and this might seem harsh to the legions of regular Butter Lamb readers, your predictions don’t matter.

The only predictions that DO matter are those of the 16 Butter Lamb contributors that have been stealthily selecting the winners, as well as their betting favorites, for each week throughout the 2017-18 season.

Below are their thoughts on how the championship matchup will play out, as well as the final standings for their regular and postseason picks.

Enjoy! Or don’t!

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